Erosion Control

Front Range Stormwater & Floodplain Consulting provides a full range of erosion control design and stormwater management planning.

Goals of Erosion Control and Stormwater Management: 

Best Management Practices (BMPs) are implemented during construction to reduce erosion, capture sediment, and contain hazardous materials.

Reduce  erosion:  Keep soil in place.

Capture sediment:  Some erosion will occur regardless of how good erosion reduction measures are.  The resulting sediment should be prevented from leaving the construction site.

Material containment:  Measures should be implemented to avoid contamination of stormwater and downstream receiving waters through the leakage of hazardous materials.


Erosion Control and Stormwater Management Plans:

We offer a full range services related to erosion control and stormwater management design:

>Design of Erosion Control Measures and Stormwater BMPs (Best Management Practices)

>Drainage and Erosion Control Plans/Reports

>Stormwater Managment Plans

>Post-Construction Erosion Control Certifications

>Post-Project Final Site Stabilization Certifications