Stormwater Analysis and Design:

  • Stormwater Master Plans
  • Detention Facilities Analysis and Design
  • Stormwater Pipeline Analysis and Design
  • Storm Drainage Plans and Reports
  • Stormwater Sustainability, Low Impact Design (LID)

Erosion Control Design:

  • Drainage and Erosion Control Plans/Reports
  • Stormwater Managment Plans
  • Post-Construction Erosion Control Certifications
  • Post-Project Final Site Stabilization Certifications

Flooplain Analysis/Studies:

  • FEMA Letters of Map Revision (LOMR)
  • FEMA Letters of Map Ammendment (LOMA) and Letters of Map Revision based on Fill (LOMR-F)
  • Dam Breach Analysis and Inundation Studies
  • Flood Channel Design and Floodplain Studies for Residential, Commercial, and Municipal Development Projects
  • Flood Elevation Certificates
  • FEMA Flood Map Interpretation and Consultation

Stormwater Mitigation Studies and Design:

  • Stormwater Mitigation Studies for Homeowner Associations and Property Management Agencies
  • Stormwater Infrastructure Restoration Analysis/Design for Public and Private Systems
  • Drainage and Groundwater Issue Investigation, Mitigation Studies
  • Detention and Water Quality Pond Restoration Analysis/Design 

Expert Witness/Litigation Support:

  • Forensic Engineering Litigation Support
  • Expert Opinion of Probable Cause, Reparation Plans
  • Drafting of Court Exhibits Utilizing Latest Technology in Aerial Photography, GIS, AutoCadd